Canadians are discovering that a new auto financing “hack” can help them get a car loan even while they’re in a consumer proposal. You might think that while you’re making payments on your debt that it’s impossible to buy a new car, but Daily Auto News is changing the game. 

A consumer proposal could happen to anyone, that’s why Daily Auto News is dedicated to getting you approval on your next car fast.  We have learned about special rates available ONLY to people who are in a consumer proposal.   We will deliver multiple financing options to you so you can get the best deal possible.

The news only gets better, since one of the BEST ways to rebuild your credit is through an auto loan.  Lenders love to see well-paid car loans in making decisions about your future rates and it can take as little as a year of on-time payments for them to believe that you have turned a new leaf.  

All you have to do is meet some very basic criteria to qualify.  

First, you must have been born between 1965 and 1995 with a valid driver’s license.

You must also be able to prove your income for the last 3 months at a minimum of $2000 per month gross income (before tax)

So, if you’re used to hearing “no”, Daily Auto News will find you a lender who’ll say “yes”! Don’t let a  consumer proposal prevent you from buying a car, become one of the growing numbers of Canadians who’ve discovered the Daily Auto News financing “hack”!

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