As we enter 2021, car dealerships are struggling to empty their lots of 2016-2018 vehicles. Dealers have been working hard to empty their lots of older model vehicles early in the new year. They are so desperate to rid themselves of these vehicles, lenders have opened up special rates and vehicle deals for low-income earners! Dealers are finding ways to get Canadian’s these vehicles regardless of their credit! So 2020 may have been full of lows and disappointments, but this may be the first bit of great news for car buyers. 

As the automotive industry in Canada continues to pile up on barely used vehicles with low mileage, the rates for these vehicles are consistently decreasing. Lenders have been forced to get creative, causing them to introduce special car loan programs specifically targeting low-income earners. Find out if this is something you qualify for and get applying!

Requirements to be eligible for special program

For you to qualify for this rare program, you must have a salary between $24,000 and $40,000 or be making at least $14 per hour working 40 hour weeks. In the past two weeks, we’ve seen cars being financed for as little as $15 per day! 

Why you should act now

A program like this hasn’t ever existed, so as more and more Canadian’s are becoming aware of it, barely used cars are selling at an unprecedented rate. Our recommendation is to look into it before February 2021 as the volume of vehicles will be nowhere near what it is today. Chances are, in March 2021 there will not be many of these barely used vehicles left on the lot. If you act quickly enough, there’s a great chance you’ll be able to receive one of these barely used cars at an unbeatable price, and a price that likely won’t be available ever again. As of January 3rd, the program had a 97% approval rate. This approval rate is bound to decrease as more and more Canadian’s get loans so it would be best to apply before it’s too late! If you have a monthly income of at least $2000 you should have no issue being approved. 

Worried about your credit?

Are you worried about vehicle financing because of your less than perfect credit? Well, for once you can relax knowing that despite having poor credit, you are more than qualified to be approved for a car loan on a barely used vehicle. If you’re short on cash at the moment that’s no problem either as these lenders have $0 down payment options. Whatever your unique situation may be, know they can help you find that perfect vehicle for you. Greg Bowdon out of Barrie, Ontario was able to receive financing on a 2018 Ford-150 with a credit score of 560. 

Why you should choose us

There are quite a few reasons why you should choose us for this program. First of all, we have over 10,000 cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans to choose from. It is guaranteed that we’ll have the car of your dreams in our inventory. Within this inventory, we have both imports and domestic vehicles to fit your style. Secondly, we have $0 down payment options, that’s right! You don’t have to put a dime down on one of these vehicles in order to be approved for it! Lastly, as this deal is only available to those financing the vehicle, we have the best rates in Canada. As mentioned before, we have seen 2018 model vehicles be financed for as low as $15 per day WITHOUT a down payment. 

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