The first mid-engine C8 Chevrolet Corvette [] rolled off the production line [] at the start of February, and barely six weeks later Magnaflow has developed an exhaust system for it. MagnaFlow teamed up with YouTube personality TJ Hunt, an early C8 Corvette owner, to bring the system to life, and the results can be seen and heard in the video below.Out of the box, the Corvette’s 6.2-liter LT2 small-block V-8 isn’t as radical as its placement within the chassis (the middle!). It is a revised, uprated version of the LT1 engine found in the C7. But it makes plenty of power—495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque—and rips, snorts, and crackles like a Corvette should, especially with the optional sport exhaust from Chevy []. That’s not enough for Hunt, who’s apt to straight-pipe his rides, so he took his C8 to MagnaFlow.The aftermarket exhaust provider used Hunt’s car to test their prototype system, which we assume soon will be available to all new Corvette owners. In the video below, Hunt covers the design, installation, and a ton of interesting details about the exhaust system itself as well as the decisions that went into building it there. But that you all probably want to know is what the new system sounds like, and in this clip you can hear it for yourself.The stock exhaust setup is made by a company called Tenneco, who also makes a bunch of internal parts for the Vette’s LT2 engine. While we were testing the C8 [] late last year (before later naming it our 2020 Car of the Year []), we didn’t think the stock Tenneco exhaust sounded deficient in any way. That said, some people are just going to want their Corvette’s to be louder, and luckily MagnaFlow’s system definitely delivers on that front. The system it developed also maintains the electronically controlled valving feature in the exhaust, meaning that a more tame setup—say, for those early morning startups—is possible.We think the MagnaFlow setup on the Corvette sounds pretty sweet, and if we had the money for our own C8 we might consider a similar upgrade. But until then, we’ll just keep up with Hunt to see what else he’s got in store.[] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] [][] []The post Hear 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette Roar Through MagnaFlow’s New Exhaust For It [] appeared first on MotorTrend [].

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